Chang Hung Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999 in Taiwan and Dongguan.

With the values of "professionalism, innovation, customization, integrity" and strong R&D capability, Chang Hung is a manufacturing integration expert of reliability testing equipment and environmental simulation equipment.

Under the professional team, we succeed in the reliability and environmental simulation series of products, such as (Euro-American Japanese Gauge) Waterproof tester (Euro-American Japanese Gauge)Dustproof tester (Euro-American Japanese Gauge), Programmable Temperature & Humidity Chamber, Cold and thermal shock tester, Car lamp shock tester , salt spray tester, Combine cyclic corrosion tester, to passengers. The manufacturing mode and humanized design create the equipment that meets the needs of customers. And actively cooperate with domestic and foreign test equipment manufacturers, agent (pull, pressure) machine, (electrolysis, eddy current, fluorescent X-RAY) film thickness gauge, hardness tester and other test equipment. And to help customers become an international brand as a starting point, to provide a high compatibility, integration, customization of a series of test equipment.


Chung Hung provides excellent quality for customers with professional technology